Plan A is 23-minute video intervention shown to be effective at improving sexual health outcomes for young women in a 5-year randomized controlled trial. The intervention was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Population Affairs (OPA).

Plan A Versions
Plan A is available in two versions, the original intervention and an adaptation, both of which are approved by HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) for use in clinic settings. These versions differ only in the content covered during the two, 1-minute animated sequences about contraceptives.

  • Plan A (original version): animated sequences focus on LARC methods: 1) IUD and 2) the implant
  • Plan A (adapted version): animated sequences focus on 1) the full range of contraceptive options available and 2) using condoms to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs

Plan A is available for purchase by organizations such as clinics, schools, universities, CBOs, and public health departments for $1,250 per site. There is a sliding scale for 5 or more sites or based on the financial need of an organization.

The Plan A Intervention Package Includes:

  • User’s Guide
  • DVD (with 3 video formats – English captions, Spanish captions, no captions)
  • USB (with digital files of the 3 video formats)
  • Video links for texting or emailing to clients to watch on their own device (e.g. before a clinic visit)
  • Technical assistance from Plan A developers as needed



Plan A is sold as a perpetual license for use by a single organizational site (e.g., one clinic, one school, etc.). Organizations with multiple sites would purchase a separate license for each site where Plan A would be implemented. 

For pricing information for 5 or more sites, or for information about a sliding scale based on financial need, please contact us.

Site License

A site license entitles an organization to use Plan A within a single site (e.g., one clinic) with any number of users in perpetuity. A site license allows:

  • Showing Plan A in multiple locations of a single site (e.g., multiple classrooms at one school, several waiting rooms and exam rooms at one clinic, etc.) concurrently via monitors, tablets, laptops, or other devices on site
  • Texting or emailing a link to clients or participants at the site to watch Plan A on their own device
  • Using Plan A for outreach that is operated within the site

Prohibited uses include: sharing Plan A with another organization or other sites within your organization or putting Plan A on a public website or app, without written permission of Sentient Research.